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About Free Samples

What is it about free samples that have manufacturers give them away?

Manufacturers give away samples of their products all the time. They want you to like it. If you do you, you might buy more, tell friends, promote their brands.

Their problem is to distribute the products to customers that are willing to try them, use them. Advertising is very expensive. If they just send them at large it becomes very costly.

Many of these products are new on the market. But most are not. Why? Because new manufacturers come in the market or launch a new line of products. They want to compete with the existing brands. They want a share of the market. If you already use competing products why would you buy theirs?

A great incentive is to let you have it for free! Even if you already have the same product at home or the office, why not try it? You spend a fraction of the cost and take no risk.

Why Should I pay shipping if it is free?

There are retailers and manufacturers that will send you free samples with free shipping. But there is a catch. They will ask you for something in return.

  • A feedback that they will use (only if it is positive…).
  • Ask to like them on Facebook, Twitter.
  • Ask you to complete a survey.
  • Use your email address and physical address to fill up your mailbox and emails.
  • Even sell your information to others that will do the same.
  • you will have to wait 4 to 10 weeks while they fill purchase orders of their retailers.
FSG will not sell or authorize the manufacturers, distributors or retailers to use your information.

In exchange, we buy their service, handling of the product and shipping.

You get the product for a fraction of the cost!

  • You pay around $7.95 for products that usually sells between $20-$40.
  • If not for yourself, it is also a nice way to send a gift at low cost.
  • If you don’t like it, you haven’t spend too much.

Most of the time you can purchase more than one item. They know you will probably distribute them if you buy more.

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